Sea Ulcer SKY RIGGER Fishing Rig for DJI Phantom Series

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- Easy-to-use drone fishing accessory
- Simple drone fishing release mechanism
- Engineered with the finest corrosion resistant materials
- No batteries required
- No drone modifications required
- Compatible with the entire DJI Phantom range

No batteriesSKY RIGGER does not require batteries, or linkage to the drones LED lights, ready to go at any time.

Tension dial: The purpose built adjustable tension dial allows any type of fishing line to work with SKY RIGGER, giving you the ultimate control, while letting you fish your way.

Swivel and pivot system: SKY RIGGER's swivel and pivot system is designed to rotate 360 degrees horizontally allowing your drone to maneuver freely in any direction, without the risk of tangles. The release mechanism pivots 180 degrees vertically so your drone can land evenly on its feet.

Sleek and safe design: SKY RIGGER’s patented features have been specifically designed to have no fishing line catch points. The line is attached below the drones legs which is a safer distance from the propellers compared to other products on the market.  

Detachable release mechanismWe developed a bayonet fitting to detach the fishing release mechanism quickly, This allows your drone to fit back in any case without removing SKY RIGGER. This feature will also make it possible to attach a range of new accessories that we’re developing. Stay tuned!

Swing StopperThe built-in Swing Stopper prevents the fishing line from interfering with the gimbal or camera. This ensures you have clear vision at all times and helps protect your drone from being tangled.

No VPS interferenceTested and designed with rotating attachment clamps allow the SKY RIGGER to mount vertically or horizontally to avoid interference with your drones sensors.

StabilitySKY RIGGER mounts close to the drones centre of gravity, so the direct weight is dispersed evenly between both legs, this allows you to lift heavier baits safely without affecting the drones maneuverability or stability.

Drone safeIntelligent design features prevent tangles and enable the line to release automatically when a fish strikes. This functionality has been meticulously tested to minimise the risk of your drone being pulled into the water.

Patent PendingFirst in the world IP protected design and functionality. PCT/AU2017/05

No drone modificationsNo drone modifications required, SKY RIGGER is easily mounted to the drone legs and can be removed quickly.

CompatibleRotating clamps combined with the telescopic arms allow mounting on vertical, horizontal or diagonal drone legs. SKY RIGGER is adaptable for a range of drones, see FAQs for a full list of compatible drones.

CompactThe SKY RIGGER’s compact and lightweight design has low impact on your drone’s battery usage during flight.

Quality materialsHigh-quality corrosion resistant construction is future proofed and built to last. We engineered the SKY RIGGER with Injection moulded Glass Filled Nylon, Marine Grade Brass C464 and 316 Stainless Steel.

Carry case includedSKY RIGGER comes with a padded foam protective case, small enough to pack in your tackle box, backpack or drone case. We supply a custom designed fish tool to adjust SKY RIGGER quickly on the go.

Gross Weight (with package): 323g
Package Size: 9.4cm x 5.3cm x 20.8cm

DJI Phantom Series

1x Fish hex tool
1x Eva protective carry case
1x Product manual
* drone and other accessories not included

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