Freewell Gear DJI Spark Propeller Guards & Landing Gear

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- Easy and convenient installing system

- No interference with obstacle avoidance

- Contains 4 compact designed Propeller Guard & Landing gear  

- Made to be used with DJI Spark

- Lightweight and durable construction

The DJI Spark 2 in 1 Propeller Guard & Landing Gear from Freewell is designed as perfect must have accessories for landing spark on your hand or beginner or when flying indoor . This is a essential accessory to keep your drone propellers safe from damage as well as raising your spark drone height without any extender by 0.8cm & by adding the extender upto 3.8cm . The propeller guards are constructed from light-weight and strong material for ideal protection & weights only 40 Grams including leg extender which has no major change in your flight time.


- Designed to offer optimum protection to the propellers in DJI Spark
- Easy-to-install without the need for any tool.
- Fitted with a quick-release switch for faster detachment.
- Compatible with the drone’s obstacle avoidance system.
- Best-suited to ensure longer life of the drone propellers.
- Only 30Grams without leg extender & 40Grams with extenders.
The DJI Spark Propeller Guard & Landing Gear from Freewell is provided to give all-round protection to the drone propellers. These propeller guards offer safety to the drone propellers while flying indoors or through thick foliage outdoors. The DJI Spark Propeller Guard from Freewell takes care of the propellers from damage and lets you enjoy the drone filming experience & keep your DJI Spark above the ground level by upto 3.8cm.
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